Some of my recent work.

  • Story Book 1

    Story Book 1

    Hand down the traditions of your own favorite storybook themes or create new ones.

  • Story Book 2

    Story Book 2

    more gorgeous storybook related works from Grace.

  • Space


    To the stars and beyond. Whoohoooooo!

  • Circus


    Join us at the circus and nurture the child at heart.

  • Treehouse


    Peekaboo, come join the club. Shhh, don’t forget the password!

  • Animals 1

    Animals 1

    Playful and delightful little creatures that will bring a smile to the faces of all who enter the room.

  • Animals 2

    Animals 2

    more playful animals that will lift spirits and remind us all of simpler times.

  • Animals 3

    Animals 3

    more sweet little earthly creatures.

  • Places in Time

    Places in Time

    Places you’ve been, are going to or are dreaming of. Transform your surroundings.

  • Gardenia


    Bring the outdoors in with bright pops of color. Imagine the possibilities.

  • Graphic Patterns

    Graphic Patterns

    Swirls, swooshes, geometric shapes or earthy flourishes. Embellish away!

  • Commercial Rooms

    Commercial Rooms

    From Spas to Pediatric Centers. Lighten the room or sooth the soul with our creative murals.

  • Fantasy Rooms

    Fantasy Rooms

    Fantastical, whimsical and inspirational. Bring your favorite characters or themes to life.

  • Music Theme

    Music Theme

    Whether passion or hobbie, music themes are great for any room.

  • Castles


    Give your little princess her dream castle.

  • Ocean Theme

    Ocean Theme

    Whimsical aquatic themes are soothing, playful, bright and colorful ways to finish a room.